SUPCON Welcomes Experts from E+H
March 2, Mr. Max Jochem Kreutzer, Senior Expert of E+H Sensors and Components, and Mr. Li Jian, Representative of E+H China, visited SUPCON for technical exchanges and cooperation discussions. Mr. Guo Biao, General Manager of SUPCON Instruments expressed a warm welcome to the visitors.

E+H has more than 60 years’ history of the instruments development, its high-quality products ensure the company a world-class strength; meanwhile, SUPCON has strong advantages of DCS system and a prominent Chinese market position with 18.4% share, leading No.1 in the market for over 3 years (data from ARC Advisory Group).

After exchanges of current conditions and future development strategies, Mr. Max Jochem Kreutzer expressed his wiliness of deepening the cooperation between E+H and SUPCON, and wished to help each other grow in the field of automation.

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