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Industrial Simulation Solution
Empower proactive perception

Fast changing technologies, talent shortage, more and more stringent HSE regulatory compliance... In front of these increasing formidable challenges, you need take proactive steps. But how? Firstly you need proactive perception of your plant. SUPCON industrial simulation solution is devised to provide dynamic simulation environments where you can interact with your plant during its full life cycle - validate new ideas, practice diverse tasks, draw insights from actual data in a non-intrusive way, and turn it into experiences and expertise... It can be applied in various tasks from designing, engineering, to operation assistant and optimization, etc.

    • feasibility study

    • design parameters verification

    • design rating

    • operation simulation

    • virtual commissioning

    • Start-up/shut-down drill

    • Real-time work condition monitoring & prediction

    • emergency reproducing & analysis

    • process optimization

immense value
By leveraging SUPCON industrial simulation solution, you can efficiently reduce equipment failures, human errors, inconsistent processes and unplanned downtime,
thus to unlockimmense benfits along the value chain.
save design & validation
time and cost
optimize opertional
prodcedures & practices
expedite start up
and full-load operation
facilitate operator training &
qualification certifying
enhance safety
improve emergency
handling capability

connection across
time & space

SUPCON industrial simulation solutionprovides an all-in-one solution for virtual-real connection across time and space, where you can employ sophisticated virtual controller configuration software, process modeling software and 3D VR tools to build interactive virtual plant identical to your real plant, no matter oil&gas, refinery, chemical,or power plant.


Smart Engine

10 times+ calculation acceleration

down to 500ms per refresh

up to 100,000+ bits communication

Sophisticated Physical
Property Calculation

10 times+ calculation acceleration

down to 500ms per refresh

up to 100,000+ bits communication

Abundant Unit Operation Models

25+ first principle modules

high availability algorithms library

easy-to-use sensors

10+ pairs of virtual
controllersmalfunction simulation from controllerto channel
realtime connection to APC, RTO, MES, Modbus devices, etc.
3D visualization
& virtual relity
By incoporating 3D visualization and VR technology, virtual environments are allowed to be more real. In the real-plant-based virtual space, operators and management can get an intuitive perception of the plant, production process, operation principles; study and improve the core performance index, thus to take proactive measures; solve multiple chanllenges due to remote locations, brand new constructions, harsh and hazardous environments, etc.
Operation Visualizaiton
  • realtime moniroting
  • realtime alarming
  • historic trendency
Asset Visualizaiton
  • asset information display
  • asset status monitoring
  • asset failure diagnosis
Production Visualizaiton
  • object data display
  • relational data query
  • production information integration
HSE Visualizaiton
  • intelligent patrol routing
  • personnel positioning
  • hazards detection
  • emergency drill
With realistic experience, operators are better trained.
With better trained operators, better

In the real-plant-based virtual environment, operators and management can get an intuitive perception of the plant. Significant value can be injected via visualized production management, asset management, HSE management, etc. Meanwhile, it can be applied to operators on-board training prior to initial plant startup and perodic refresher training.

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