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SUPCON, Alibaba and Zhijiang Lab to Co-build supET Industrial Internet Platform

Jun 14, SUPCON, Alibaba and Zhijiang Lab signed the strategic cooperation agreement on building the 1+N Industrial Internet Platform.



“1” means one bedrock platform supET, which will supply primary technologies with regards to internet security, cloud computing, IoT, AI, etc. “N” means an alliance of industrial internet platforms supporting a wide range of industries including petrochemical, chemical, engineering machinery, automobile, electronics, shipbuilding, textile, etc. About 10 manufactures from different industries will join the “N” platform plan this year.


SUPCON will offer intelligent manufacturing solutions based on expertise in industry automation and digitization, and help the traditional plants to realize improve of efficiency, quality, and reduce of cost, risk, pollution emission.


Earlier, the State Council released the Guidelines of Deepening internet + manufacturing & Expediting Industrial Internet, to encourage the internet development impulse manufacturing upgrade. As an active response to the Guidelines, Zhejiang Province has propelled the leading enterprises Alibaba, SUPCON, and the Zhijiang Lab to launch the industrial internet platform’s building, and offer governmental support to the manufactures who join the platforms. Soon a sound regional industry ecosystem based on advanced internet technologies and efficient manufacturing mode will be shaped.



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