SUPCON Successfully Implemented the World's First Carbon Dioxide Compression Energy Storage Project

Recently, the Carbon Dioxide Compression Energy Storage Project jointly invested by Exa Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Anhui Conch Group Co., Ltd was officially completed. With an energy release power of 10MW, the project has an energy storage duration of 8 hours and an energy release duration of 8 hours. Upon completion, it will deliver one of the longest energy release times of any Chinese energy storage project. 

SUPCON provides the core control and protection units to ensure normal operation, including ECS-700 DCS, Compressor Optimization Control System (CCS), Digital Electro-hydraulic Turbine Control System (DEH), Security Monitoring Solutions (TSI), Emergency Trip Solution (ETS), Electro-hydraulic Control Solutions (EH) and so on.


As China’s first-ever carbon dioxide compression energy storage system to be commissioned, this demonstration project will pioneer energy storage in terms of technical innovation and large-scale implementation in the field, laying a solid foundation for SUPCON’s continued expansion into the new energy storage equipment field. 

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