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SUPCON Wins Contract of Huatai Shengfu Ethylene Integrated Plant Project

October, SUPCON won the MAV contract of the the 700,000t/a light hydrocarbon project of Ningbo Huatai Shengfu Polymer Material Co., Ltd.

The project covers 600,000t/a ethylene/ propylene dehydrogenation unit, 400,000t/a high-density polyethylene/ linear low-density polyethylene production unit, 300,000t/a styrene production unit and auxiliary tank farm, transportation system and other utilities. 

As the MAV, SUPCON will offer control system (DCS), intelligent device management system (IDM), operational data management system (ODS) and advanced alarm management system (AAS), etc. The total configuration point of the project is 25,888. It will apply 58 pairs of controllers, 170 cabinets; set 11 engineer stations, 34 operator stations and 13 other workstations.

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