SUPCON Wins China Top 100 Software Enterprises for its 14th Years
At the 15th News Conference of China Top 100 Software Companies Forum, SUPCON won the Top 100 Software Companies Award, for the 14th consecutive year since 2003.

In regard to software companies of China, the conference reached an agreement that their capacities for R&D, innovation and internationalization have been increasing sharply during the recent years. SUPCON, as well, has made an outstanding contribution to the industrial control field, capable of challenging some of the established companies in the world.

For this year, a minimum annual income of $200 million was required to make the cut, up from $158 million last year. Other award-winning companies include Huawei, ZTE, Heiar, Hisense, Hikvision, Dahua Technology, Insigma, Aliyun, etc.

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