SUPCON Gives Keynote Speeches in Taizhou City Traffic Engineering Technology Seminar

April 16, as one of the two special invited companies, SUPCON gave keynote speeches in the Taizhou City Traffic Engineering Technology Seminar in the Taizhou City Transportation Bureau.

Over 60 leaders from the departments of transportation (e.g. Transportation Bureau, Highway Bureau, Survey and Design Institute, Quality Supervision Station, Supervision Company, Test and Inspection Center, Project Construction Headquarters) in Taizhou City and local districts under its administration participated this event.

Mr. Yu Jiang, and Mr. Liu Mao, Project Managers of SUPCON’s Highway Information Center, gave reports respectively on the seminar.

“’Internet + Transport’ - Content and Application Solutions for Construction of Intelligent Traffic Software Platform”, reported by Mr. Yu, demonstrated SUPCON’s understandings of intelligent transportation industry, and its explorations for the big data application in engineering monitoring from introductions of platform design, functions, engineering monitoring big data to the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) applications.

“Content and Application Solutions for Construction of Overloading Transportation Off-Site Enforcement Networking Platform”, reported by Mr. Liu, introduced the solution of networking platform based on SUPCON’s years of experience in the implementation of off-site enforcement projects and intelligent highway off-site networking enforcement platforms, from introductions of the overall architecture, terminal equipment, platform functions, mobile client functions, and data access scheme design, etc.

As a leading solution and service provider of process automation and new technologies, SUPCON is committed to provide the best technologies, solutions, products and services for its customers. This event will promote technical communications with Taizhou customers and help construct a better rail transit network for Taizhou City.

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