SUPCON Work for Industrial Higher-efficiency & Lower-emission

March 16-18, in the 2017 China Soda Industry Association (CSIA) Annual Meeting, SUPCON’s “Soda Ash Plant Process Optimization Technology” was officially listed in the soda industry’s “13th Five-Year Green Plan”.

The Plan targeted to achieve energy saving and reduce the "three wastes"* emissions, by using advanced control and optimization technologies to improve the industry automation level and intelligence as well as realize the fine management of whole production process.

CSIA is a national trade organization which represents all soda ash producers, research & design institutes and equipment manufactures etc., of diversified ownership within China. By the end of 2016, the total output capacity of soda ash in China is 29.37 million tons, and year’s aggregate production is 26.06 million tons, both take the top rankings in the world.

March 17, over 70 representatives from the Annual Meeting visited SUPCON HQ to learn more information about SUPCON’s smart plant solution, relevant products and typical references for the chemical industry. Visitors praised highly about SUPCON’s contribution and achievement on industrial automation, information technology and smart plant areas.
*three wastes: waste gas, waste water and industrial residueSUPCON Work for Industrial Higher-efficiency & Lower-emission

SUPCON Work for Industrial Higher-efficiency & Lower-emission

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