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Huayi New Material Digital Plant Successfully Running SUPCON Plant Operating System+Industrial APP

Guangxi Huayi New Material Digital Plant project is one of the key projects of "Digital Huayi" strategy implementation. This Project adopts SUPCON Plant Operating System+Industrial APP architecture, which greatly promotes the development of management standardization, production visualization and intelligent decision-making, and realizes the overall goals of Vertical Control Integration, Decision-making Assistance, Horizontal Collaboration, Efficient Operation, Intelligent Interconnection, Agility and Safety. 

Project Highlights

Based on "Plant Operating System+Industrial APP" architecture, SUPCON has build a ubiquitous interconnection & management platform integrating series of applications including production execution, energy management, quality management, equipment management, safety and environmental protection, and online monitoring of large units, which fully serve all aspects of enterprise production and operation, and improves enterprise-wide digital capabilities.

  • Overall online control of the production process fines closed-loop scheduling process and greatly improves the overall labor productivity and resource utilization efficiency.

  • Refined Energy Management Mode improves the frequency of abnormal energy consumption detection, enhances detection of energy use problems, and improves energy-saving compliance. Comprehensive energy consumption per unit product is expected to be further reduced.

  • The real-time transmission of quality monitoring data greatly improves the transmission efficiency of quality monitoring data and the control of product quality.

By capturing the anomaly data of key units, the reverse fault analysis method can be adopted to achieve scientific and accurate diagnosis; predict the possible faults in advance, improve the equipment management, avoid the occurrence of major safety accidents, and promote efficient production. The regular maintenance and late maintenance will be transformed into predictable maintenance, so as to reduce the unplanned downtime, decrease insufficient or excessive maintenance, and optimize maintenance cost.

In the future, SUPCON will continue to contribute to Huayi New Materials digital plant construction, further explore the digital value, optimize production and management, and strive to create a new benchmark in the chemical new materials industry.

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