SUPCON Celebrates 25th Anniversary Upon a New Start

Mar 18, known as Dragon Head-raising Day in Chinese Lunar Calender, marking a fresh new start in the spring, is also the day SUPCON was founded in 1993. Around 500 representatives attended the SUPCON 25th Anniversary Ceremony in SUPCON Park, Hangzhou, China.


Professor Chu Jian, founder of SUPCON group made a keynote speech recalling the entrepreneurship history; predicting the future of SUPCON and automation industry. As Professor Chu put, upon reviewing our vision and mission, SUPCON will make an overall upgrade from technology, product, to solution, operation, etc., and continue to create more value for our customers.  



Professor Zhou Qireng, special guest from Beijing University National School of Development was invited to give a speech under the theme of Innovation Breakthrough. He analyzed the challenge and opportunity SUPCON faces from a macro-economy view, By integrating the upward path product - technology - theory and the downward path theory - technology - product, SUPCON will make an innovation in both enterprise development and innovation itself.


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