SUPCON Accomplishes Jiaxing Petrochemical 2 Mt/a PTA Unit APC Project

SUPCON passed the APC project acceptance test of Jiaxing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. for the 2 Mt/a PTA unit.

The unit adopts INVISTA P8 process technology. As one of the most advanced technology of PTA production, P8 requires highly complicated manual operation to maintain stable production. SUPCON offered APC solution, which successfully controlled the oxidation reaction and the key technological parameters of the solvent dewatering system smoothly. It realizes fixed value control and regional control, effectively suppresses measurable interference, and provides multi-level and multi-objective coordinated optimization, including modeling, controller design, simulation, configuration and online application. In addition, the solution quickly judges the change of pressure difference and make timely adjustment, effectively avoiding the deterioration of working conditions caused by untimely intervention.

The implementation of SUPCON APC greatly improves the stability and reduces the consumption of units. The standard deviation of the key controlled variable has decreased by 30%, the single consumption of acetic acid decreased by 0.3kg/ ton PTA, and the single consumption of PX decreased by 0.2kg/ ton PTA.

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