SUPCON Starts the 1.2Mt/a Soda Unit’s Carbonation Process APC Project of Qinghai Soda Ash Development Co. Ltd.

The kick-off meeting of Qinghai 1.2Mt/a soda unit carbonation process APC project was held at SUPCON HQ in May. SUPCON APC team and the user Qinghai Soda Ash Development Company’s sodium bicarbonate plant, production department, equipment department, technical quality department, and mechanical maintenance department attended the meeting.


As a leading supplier of soda and its by products in Delingha City, the “Soda City of China”, Qinghai Soda Ash Development Company firmly carries out the call for the green economy and sustainable development. After the project is accomplished, the automation level and operation efficiency of the carbonation process will be substantially improved, which will realize a higher conversion rate of sodium, higher product quality, lower ammonia, water and energy consumption per ton.



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