Batch Management System
Batch production is an important branch of process industry, which is widely distributed in fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry. However, in the traditional manual operation process, it is difficult to manage the recipe because of too many kinds of products and recipes, and manual feeding is prone to mistakes.
SUPCON Batch solution is based on ISA88 standard, which realizes recipe management, raw material management, batch recording and other functions in batch production, helping customers realize flexible and efficient production.
Your Benefit from Batch
Batch Report
Through this function, BOM of production materials and reports of batch production process data records can be generated, so that management personnel can carry out statistical analysis of the whole production process.
Comparison view
This function can compare the data of different batches, including the comparison of process variables such as temperature, pressure and flow curve of different batches, in addition, it can also manually preset fixed curve as comparison reference.
Information Management
This function is mainly used for recording batch production data, including operation process, historical recipe, actual parameters of production process and other data. Managers can query relevant data information according to batch number and time period.
Process Management
This function is mainly applicable to operators. Operators can see the batch plan that needs to be produced on the day through the process management interface, and can also view the running status and stage of each production batch. They can also select the control recipe of a batch to download and produce.
Dispatch planning and scheduling
After reconfirming the control recipe, the production process management team can carry out the order dispatching operation. After the order dispatching, the control recipe is convenient to formally enter the production scheduling management interface. At this time, the production management team can audit, sort, freeze, reject, restore and delete this process from here.
Recipe management
VxBatch supports the construction of physical model in recipe management. Production management team can create the main process recipe based on the physical model, including production process steps, process parameters and the operation process of production unit. After the configuration is completed, the system will record the generation time and creator of the new-added recipe.
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