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SUPCON Showcases Intelligent Plant Solution and Releases Industrial Operating System supOS at WIMS

Dec 6, WIMS (World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit) was opened in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. SUPCON showcased its vision “Smart & Security” for intelligent manufacturing with a portfolio of products and solutions.


 The largest product family is InPlant Total Solution and its major product package, including DCS star product ECS-700, which has created many TOP1 records in China and over the world, and SIS product TCS-900, field instruments, control valves, etc.


As per the application field, SUPCON has been honored as the pacesetter of process industry automation and informatization, especially in petrochemical, coal chemical and chemical industry, etc. In the exhibition, many national demonstration intelligent plant projects were showcased on the large screens, including world’s top coal deep processing project with over 170,000 I/Os - Zhongtian Hechuang coal-to-olefin project, China’s national demonstration project for intelligent manufacturing - Xinjiang Tianye Group thermal power plant project, etc.


To bring the visitors authentic experience and perception, a large sand table and VR devices were adopted. There was also an industrial security attack-defense simulation. 



Dec 8, the launch of supOS, SUPCON’s latest industrial operating system brought the exhibition to a climax. Professor Chu Jian, founder of SUPCON made the product release presentation at the Manufacturing & Automation Control Seminar held in the meeting center adjoining the exhibition hall, which is meantime taken live broadcast at SUPCON booth. Many visitors were attracted and gathered around to watch the presentation.


“To empower intelligent plant, forge industrial APP value chain and ecosystem, SUPCON has been developing a customer benefit orientated industrial operating system supOS.” Professor Chu introduced, “It will cover comprehensive information integration platform, configuration-driven development platform, industrial APP incubation platform and intelligent decision analysis platform.”


The brand-new supOS platform will open an easy access to flexible software packages for different enterprises. Professor Chu put, “SUPCON, together with the 10 strategic partners, 100 engineering contractors, and 10,000 online developer, will open a new window for the development of industrial intelligence in China.”


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