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SUPCON Awarded Hangzhou 2016 Annual Excellent Proposal

April 7, SUPCON’s proposal Several Suggestions for Development of Autonomous, Controllable and High-end Equipment and “Industrial Internet +” was honored by Hangzhou Government.

The proposal focused on problems of low automation level of traditional discrete manufacturing factory and low intelligent and automation level of equipment and submitted five problem-solving schemes including suggestions for Hangzhou government to mainly support the Smart Manufacturing Execution System based on PLC, Industrial Internet+ and Industrial Software.

Before this event, SUPCON has also been awarded for excellently finishing more than 50 G20 projects of Hangzhou city. As the host city of this G20 summit, Hangzhou adopted numerous advanced information products of SUPCON. Moreover, SUPCON has successfully forged the detecting system of passenger flow volume of Xihu scenic spot, realized the basic requirements of heritage protection in the informationized big data period.

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