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HOBRÉ TISOMIC Payara CLIDiv2 PROJECT: Empowering Gas Measurement In The American Heartland
In a groundbreaking venture, Hobré is spearheading the deployment of 10 TISOMIC Payara CLIDiv2 units in Southeast New Mexico.

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Project Overview

Destined for a major midstream company, operating in the remote terrains of Southeast New Mexico, the U.S., these units are strategically placed on metering skids in the gas fields, each powered by a 24VDC system due to the absence of AC power in these distant locations.

The TISOMIC Payara CLIDiv2 units are designed for the precise measurement of H2S, CO2, and H2O levels in natural gas. The units, stationed on the frontlines of gas gathering in the field, will contribute significantly to the efficient processing of natural gas, particularly in managing high levels of H2S and CO2.

Advantages of the Setup1701938783107297Ffi4.png

Low Maintenance
With close to zero maintenance requirements, the Payara units ensure sustained and reliable operation in challenging environments.

Robust Design
Boasting no moving parts, the units enhance reliability and minimize the risk of wear and tear.

Multi-Stream Measurement
Offering fast and accurate simultaneous measurements of H2S, H2O, and CO2, the units provide comprehensive insights into gas composition.

Efficient Flow Rate
The analyzer’s flow rate of 150 mL/min optimizes gas analysis efficiency.

Separated Components
The full separation of the photo-acoustic measuring cell and electronics enhances system resilience.

Versatile Detection Ranges
Capable of detecting levels from low ppm to percentage levels, the units cater to a broad spectrum of gas compositions.


The Payara CLIDiv2 project signifies a commitment to innovation and sustainability, showcasing the capability of technology to meet the unique challenges of remote gas fields. As these units commence their operations, they symbolize a step toward a future where accuracy, efficiency, and reliability redefine gas measurement in the American heartland.


“The TISOMIC project will revolutionize the gas measurement industry.”As emphasized by Mart Spaans, the Product Manager of TISOMIC, “The unique ability to measure multiple components using a single analyzer makes it stand out in the market. This not only provides a cost-effective solution, but also addresses the industry’s critical need to measure H2S in gases, ensuring safety and supporting precise process control. Our analyzers offer a comprehensive solution that is something not matched by our competitors, underscores its importance.”


Next Move

The outstanding performance of the TISOMIC Payara CLIDiv2 units has garnered remarkable recognition, leading to a subsequent order for an additional 25 analyzers by the esteemed customer.

As the TISOMIC project progresses, Hobré remains steadfast in supporting our customers. Beyond delivering cutting-edge analyzers, we are dedicated to fostering the industry’s evolution. Hobré is committed to developing the sector hand in hand with our customers, striving to provide not just solutions but industry-leading innovations that redefine standards and propel the future analyzing.

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