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SUPCON Intelligent Control System Empowers Guiyang Energy Group 2x660 MW Ultra-Supercritical CFB Coal-Fired Units Project

Feb. 6, SUPCON Webfield? ECS-700 intelligent control system won the contract of Guiyang Energy Group Hezhang Electric Power Co., Ltd. 2x660 MW ultra-supercritical circulating fluidized bed (CFB) coal-fired units demonstration project.
In this project, SUPCON intelligent control solution helps to promote digitalization and intelligent transformation for the plant:
1. Integrate intelligent computing engine supporting advanced language algorithm, to realize advanced control strategies.
2. Apply large real-time database to calculate, analyze and optimize SIS performance, and migrate SIS to the control layer for control strategy guidance and closed-loop control.
3. Deploy optimization layer and high-performance server group, in which the technologies such as big data analysis and artificial intelligence are applied to the intelligent early warning and equipment diagnosis for thermal power units. It provides accurate data analysis and control instructions for the wide load automatic cruise of ultra-supercritical units, and enhances the performance and capacity of advanced control.
4. Safely and conveniently integrate industrial video monitoring into the system panel to facilitate the integration of the third party intelligent module.
In the future, SUPCON intelligent control solution will help to establish the new demonstration intelligent power plant with complete functions and great practical value.


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