SUPCON Participates in 2018 Rail Transport¡¤Hangzhou Summit Conferenc

Nov 27, 2018 Rail Transport·Summit organized by Hangzhou government was opened in Hangzhou. More than 600 leaders of subway company and experts of design institute from all over the country attended. Mr.Chu Jian, the founder of SUPCON was invited and gave a speech entitled Rail Transport Information Security Defense & Big Data Application Outlook.

...At the present stage, the industrial control information security of urban infrastructure is very critical, thats why SUPCON put forward the overall solution of One-Stop Rail Transport Infrastructure Security Service to provide comprehensive guarantee for operation security, communication security, information management security, etc...” Mr Chu Jian put, ...big data should be more than a simple combination of IT and OT, but also a deep integration with industrial processes and operation requirements... 

SUPCON as the mainstream integrator and supplier of Chinese urban rail transport control industry, showcased various products, solutions and the latest platform SupOS, a safe, intensive, efficient and intelligent operation management system for rail transport network based on big data and AI, which provides comprehensive functions including intelligent operation scheduling, decision-making support, traffic dispatching optimization, energy consumption analysis & control, contingency response system, etc. With AI technology, the energy management system can access power management system, environment and equipment monitoring, station dynamic passenger flow monitoring, weather information and other related data, and optimize energy-saving operation mode in real time.

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