SUPCON Share Advances in Ethernet-APL at ARC Industry Forum Asia 2023
Ethernet-APL Make Connection Easier, Make Operation Smarter

July12th ~July13th, ARC Industry Forum Asia 2023 themed with Driving Sustainability, Energy Transition, and Performance through Digitalization was held in Bangalore. SUPCON with the invited end user guest RAMKY participated in and shared views & practices on advances in APL technology.


This is the first in-person event after 3 years of pandemic. Process industry front lines, both end users and suppliers are undergoing a new wave of disruption, while some are still dealing with the pandemic-induced supply chain fragility and workforce shortages, exacerbated by global geopolitical conflicts. Digital transformation and energy transition has became the lighthouse to tackle the challenges, but is still a work-in-progress for many. So in the 2-day event, digital is still the most busy word.


As the forum highlights more end user participation and more voice from the front lines, for year, SUPCON invited Mr Jainendrasinh Shivgulam Thakur, Deputy General Manager - Instrumentation of RAMKY, one of India’s leading players in the infrastructure development and environment management sectors as a representative of the end users in India. Mr. Thakur shared how SUPCON's APL solution can facilitate field networks, and make the connection between control system and filed instruments faster, easier and more approachable in hazardous areas at lower cost. During the following panel discussion, Mr. Jack LI, CEO of SUPCON Singapore, gave further explanations why APL technology is standing out, what’s next when APL add universality and higher speed to the existing field devices. The answer is convergence of OT and IT, which will fuel the digital transformation applications, such as intelligent devices management and predictive maintenance, etc. Last year, SUPCON released the new generation Intelligent Operation Management & Control System (i-OMC) featuring intelligent autonomous operation. APL network deployment was fully applied and proved successful in the i-OMC projects in China, and will benefit more clients in the future projects.


The VUCA time and disruptions demand our fast response and firm actions in digital transformation. Digital transformation is not only a buzzword, but a endurance racing need multi-discipline know-how and unremitting efforts. SUPCON, as a trusted partner for the process industrial companies, is committed to driving innovation and accelerating deliverables to help clients realize digital transformation in the pragmatic approach, enhance their resilience to the vagaries challenges and win sustainable success.

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