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CXT Series
Pressure Transmitter
SUPCON CXT smart pressure transmitter utilizes a unique compositive monocrystalline piezoresistive sensor and the advanced cell design with state of-the-art microprocessor technology, up to 0.035% accuracy for all calibrated spans, ±0.1% of upper range limit (URL) for 10 years, has a longer service life, the use of safe and reliable and convenient.
A Strong Basis for Intelligent Instruments
High Measurement Accuracy Up to 0.035%

Monocrystalline Silicon Composite Pressure Sensor (Microelectro Mechanical Systems technology) includes differential pressure, sensor temperature and static pressure. The temperature range is -40~85 ℃, and the maximum static pressure is 40MPa.

Dual Temperature Sensors which are built in the sensor unit and the electronic device are used for the temperature compensation of the sensor and circuit respectively.

A Strong Basis for Intelligent Instruments
Ensure Your Operation More Safer and Stable 0.1% /10 years Long-term Stability

ASIC technology to make the detection circuit of the sensor so that the measuring error can be lowered, the detection accuracy, long-term stability and reliability can be improved greatly with a high speed detection

Meet all current explosion protection requirements: Ex ia ΠC level intrinsic safety protection

Devices for SIL applications up to Level 2 can be used.

Efficient Maintenance with Excellent Quality

Superior communication capabilities based on industry standards such as HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and RS485.

Replaceable circuit board for easy maintenance

IEC60079-11 compliant high quality and low power consumption devices.

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Diversified design to support multiple conditions for customized insert barrel, customized welded base, input type,variable diameter flange, embedded diaphragm and etc.
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