SUPCON Wins China’s 1st RTO System Based on Molecular Oil Refining Technology
December 16, 2016, a meeting was held for the smart manufacturing gathering a group of leaders from SINOPEC Jiujiang Company and SUPCON. Representatives of both sides signed the contract of “Real Time Optimization (RTO) system for atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit based on molecular oil refining technology” project.

This is China’s 1st RTO system project of its kind and a key technical development project for smart manufacturing supported by SINOPEC Group.

The project will adopt SUPCON’s latest crude oil molecular database, crude oil physical property calculation and crude oil molecular cutting software to achieve real molecular level for the mechanism modeling and real time optimization of the unit. Moreover, it will also develop a series of systems to improve the plant performance including on-line modification of nuclear magnetic resonance analyzer and Advanced Process Control (APC) system.

Once finished, the simulation performance and cutting prediction accuracy will be significantly improved with characterization of each crude oil level reaching up to 10000 molecules, therefore reduce the total energy consumption and enhance the overall economic benefits of the plant.

SUPCON keeps a long pleasant cooperation with SINOPEC Jiujiang, lunching a lot of successful cases (joint laboratory for smart manufacturing, a series of DCS system applications, and the development of relevant smart manufacturing software, etc.), which helped SINOPEC Jiujiang’s Smart Manufacturing 1.0 Plan successfully pass the acceptance test of SINOPEC Group, and make a good start for the Smart Manufacturing 2.0 Plan.

SINOPEC Jiujiang is a large chemical subsidiary of SINOPEC Group. In 2012, it led the smart manufacturing pilot construction within SINOPEC Group, and achieved remarkable results: marginal benefit of processing every ton crude oil ranks No.1 for 3 consecutive years, awarded 5 years of “Advanced Unit for Safe Production” in SINOPEC Group, effectively reduced staffing, waste emissions with improved product quality.

In 2015, SINOPEC Jiujiang was elected to MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Industry Technology, PRC.) Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Enterprises (the first petrochemical industry company on this list). Mr. Miao Yu commended:” SINOPEC Jiujiang has created an intelligent chemical plant which is green, efficient, safe and sustainable development.”

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