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See How SUPCON Contributes to the Intelligent Manufacturing Ecosystem

Oct 11 ~ 13, 2018 WIMS (World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit) was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. The Summit, with the theme of “Empowering the Future through Intelligent Manufacturing” , focuses on three dimensions: new thinking, new business models and new enabling technologies.

Professor Chu Jian, founder of SUPCON was invited to the WIMS Forum with the topic of Industrial Environment and International Cooperation, together with the other guests from leading institutes and enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing field. Many concerns were discussed, including the development trend, cooperation possibilities of Intelligent Manufacturing eco-chain, the core competitive force of promoting the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, etc.
“There are various kinds of industrial software provided by multiple vendors, but there’s still room for improvement of the fundamental development. And that’s why SUPCON is boosting wide cooperation of all players and pushing integration of all ranges of products by building a industrial APP platform. It will allow easier communication and more accessible resource sharing thus empower the development of intelligent manufacturing ecosystem” , Professor Chu stressed the significance of industrial upgrade and the pointed out the crux of developing a sound and efficient ecosystem.



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