SUPCON MES to Improve Information Management for CNOOC Bitumen Company

June, SUPCON won the MES Project of China National Offshore Bitumen Company, and held the kick-off meeting in July. SUPCON MES team and the leaders of key operation department, production department, equipment department and informatization department of the end user attended the meeting.


China National Offshore Bitumen Company is the first downstream refinery plant of CNOOC. Located at the junction of Bohai Bay Rim Economics Zone and Yellow River Economics Zone, it has become the region’s major supplier of heavy-duty road bitumen, naphthenic lube, fuel oil and various petroleum chemicals.


Following the ecological and sustainable development strategy, an advanced manufacturing executive system based on big data analysis and fining management is to be built. SUPCON will leverage its expertise and experience accumulated in the earlier projects of CNOOC, and build an efficient and effective MES for the client.




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