To Build an “Industrial Android” Operating System — SUPCON at World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 Summit Online

July 9-11, 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) Summit was held in Shanghai with the theme of "Intelligent World, Indivisible Community". 

Professor Chu Jian, Founder of SUPCON, delivered a keynote speech in WAIC - Intelligent Trending Forum, sharing the industry with SUPCON's leading technologies and achievements in manufacturing and long-term vision for a sustainable future.

“SUPCON has launched an industrial platform based on different industries to development all kinds of tools and software. This mode enables tens of thousands of manufacturing enterprises to enjoy the application of all industrial software in a relatively short time.” Professor Chu said. 

“If you compress a plant into a phone, it makes sense that such an operating system is needed in the industrial world, where there are plenty of industrial applications, such as the Android Store. Combing decades of experience in process automation, and IIOT, big data, AI technology, SUPCON is committed to offering clients sustainable growth prospects benefiting from building efficient, energy-saving, safe and smart plants.”

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