Standard Operation Automation System
In the daily production process of enterprises, operators often carry out high-risk process operations in a complex and harsh environment. If the whole process lacks the corresponding standard guidance or the operator itself operates improperly, it will lead to production accidents and unnecessary economic losses.
Standard Operation Automation System has created an efficient and stable operation scheme for customers, and continuously provide technical support for the improvement of process efficiency for enterprises.This scheme uses the standardized operation flow chart, standardizes and simplifies the operation process and operation procedure in the production, and greatly reduces the operation risk, work intensity and maintenance cost.
Features Overview
Seamless integration with DCS
Seamless integration with DCS
It is equipped with OPC standard interface to link with DCS system, which can be linked with DCS system of any manufacturer simply, efficiently and at low cost.
Friendly HMI interface
Friendly HMI interface
The system interface can be designed and modified by simply dragging and pulling the interface module.
Operating experience sharing
Operating experience sharing
You can create programs through the "program block" in the configuration window, which can be used to pass the operating experience.
Higher operation efficiency
Higher operation efficiency
The system allows users to edit and debug operations on the monitoring interface without configuring user programs and downloading them to the controller. In this way, users can efficiently design, configure, modify, and maintain programs.
Your Benefits
Visual Operation Guide
The system can provide operators with modular and visual operation guidance interface, according to the operation process to provide operators with images, text and other detailed operation instructions, some key steps can even choose voice prompts.
Integration with other systems
The system can be integrated with DCS and activate the operation and monitoring interface in the DCS based on the operation progress to generate operation guidance information for manual operations. It can also be integrated with Microsoft Excel to generate various records and operation logs.
Multiple interactions
According to different scenarios, the system supports three working modes: offline, read-only, and read-write interaction.According to the actual situation, the system will perform different types of interaction with the operator and implement the corresponding interface.
Modular programming
The system integrates a variety of standardized modules, at the same time support custom modules. Operators can directly call the relevant modules for programming according to experience, and forming a flow chart to guide the operation.
Operation process record
The system will automatically obtains real-time data and records each operation, then generates operation logs. It system will also record the interaction between the operator and the system, so that the operator's operation can be effectively and adequately analyzed and judged later, and the operation problem can also be traced.
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