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Robotic Patrol
More and more fast-paced technology evolving and market demand, more and more complex manufacturing facilities bring more and more dangerous, tedious and time consuming jobs... We need smart machines to finish them so human workers can be freed and take more valuable tasks.
Industrial robots can help address many of the challenges faced in manufacturing and production environments, providing increased efficiency, safety, and quality control. We have explosion-proof wheeled robots, legged robots, Rail hanging robots, and unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) to meet the diverse requirments for different industrial scenarios.
Robotic Patrol Solution
The inspection robot is able to replace the manual patrol to check equipment status, collect data and make analysis.
AI function block is inbuilded on robots and server to conduct predictive maintenance after data analysis on the platform.
Legged Robot
Legged Robot can finsh patrol work in complex environments such as stairs, 30 ° slope, grassland, sand, snow, gravel and ponding.
· High-strength bionic design, high bandwidth actuator design
· High-performance electric drive system, and high dynamic self balancing system
Ex Wheel Robot
Ex Wheel Robot can replace the patrol work of inspectors in remote and hazardous areas, especially in Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical industries.
· Patrol in all-weather,all-time,all-location
· Full environmental detect
· Action on time
· Traceable roadmap
· All data record
· Risks analysis and prediction
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