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The First Collaborative APC Optimization Project between SUPCON and BASF-YPC Successfully Accepted

Recently, BASF-YPC Company Limited (BASF-YPC) accepted an APC optimization project for specific equipment, marking a momentous first collaboration between SUPCON's InPlant APC and BASF-YPC. The primary aim of this undertaking is to bolster the operational stability of the equipment, while simultaneously improving energy efficiency. Notably, the focus of this project lies in optimizing the control systems of five distillation towers across two series.

Starting in April 2023, SUPCON assembled a specialized APC project team to spearhead this endeavor. The project progressed smoothly through various stages, encompassing on-site investigations, step response testing, detailed design, and commissioning. By October 2023, the project had reached full completion and operations commenced, achieving an impressive start-up rate surpassing 99%. After a rigorous month-long assessment period, the project successfully met all acceptance criteria. Throughout the project lifecycle, SUPCON maintained seamless collaboration with the BASF-YPC team, adhering strictly to the implementation plan to ensure timely and exceptional achievement of project objectives.

Following the implementation of SUPCON's InPlant APC, the distillation towers involved in the project have experienced a significant reduction in operational frequency, accompanied by a notable enhancement in operational stability, a development that has been highly praised by operators. Furthermore, through the meticulous optimization of process control parameters, the InPlant APC has effectively facilitated the achievement of edge-cut operation within the distillation unit under optimal conditions. Notably, this has led to reduced steam consumption and top residue volume across each distillation tower, ultimately resulting in increased yields of high-value products and a substantial reduction in energy consumption.

During the acceptance meeting, BASF-YPC expressed profound appreciation for the remarkable impact of the project. The personnel in charge at BASF-YPC commented, "Since its implementation, we have received unanimous praise from our frontline operators, who provide the most authentic feedback. This indicates that the project has indeed delivered tangible production value and economic benefits. Our operators now feel as if they have a highly skilled and diligent assistant at their side."

The successful acceptance of this project not only highlights the extensive potential of the InPlant APC in the petrochemical industry, but also strengthen the ongoing collaboration between BASF-YPC and SUPCON. Looking ahead, SUPCON remains steadfast in its commitment to leveraging its exceptional products, solutions, and outstanding services to assist enterprises in enhancing their production efficiency, reducing costs, and consistently delivering value to clients worldwide.

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