SUPCON Wins Coal-to-acetylene MAV Project of Shenwu Group


Nov 22, SUPCON signed a MAV (Main Automation Vendor) contract on the coal-to-acetylene poly-generation project of Wuhai Hongyuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. under Shenwu Group.

This is a demonstration project of Shenwu Group’s cutting-edge technology in coal chemical process. The control system is very complicated, including 400,000t/a PE poly-generation unit, 300,000t/a ethanediol unit, 6 sets of 40,000Nm/h and 1 set of 20,000Nm3/h low-rank pulverized coal twin-bed gasification unit, CH4 catalytic converter, 4 sets of 340t/h CFB boiler, 45,000Nm3/h air separation unit, rectisol purifier, Claus sulfur recovery unit, CO-H2 cryogenic separation unit, PSA hydrogen purification, and off-site utility units.

The total I/O of this project is over 23,000. In particular, the control of low-rank pulverized coal twin-bed gasification units demands a very rigorous control, which makes SUPCON ECS-700 DCS stand out for its high reliability, stability and reputation in coal chemical industry.

As the MAV, SUPCON will provide a comprehensive automation control platform and engineering solution for the project, which will help the user improve efficiency and save investment to a great extent.




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