SUPCON Signs the DCS System Spot Inspection Service Contract with SINOPEC Beihai

April 2019, SUPCON successfully signed 2020 Overhaul - DCS System Maintenance Service Contract with Sinopec Beihai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. (BRCC).

This project plans to carry out comprehensive maintenance of SUPCON ECS-700 control system in 21 sections of SINOPEC Beihai, which is characterized with large production scale (total number of I/O reached more than 30,000 points) , long production cycle and complex production process. 

SUPCON team fully considered the unit and process features, the DCS system’s built-in security upgrade (Industrial Network Security) during the overhaul, and formulated a comprehensive test & maintenance plan, which was highly recognized by the leaders and experts of SINOPEC Beihai. 

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