Linzhou Urban Road Safety & Security Management Project Phase II Passed Preliminary Review
Linzhou urban road safety & security management project phase II undertaken by SUPCON has passed preliminary review after a series of professional testing by experts from Public Security Bureau of Linzhou City.

“this project applies many pioneering contents that could be a demonstration and reproducible landmark templates. We will submit materials and apply relevant honors for this project.” commented by the experts during project review.

Earlier in 2014, SUPCON successfully accomplished the phase I of this project, which received high praise from the user, and helped SUPCON to win the chance for phase II.

Pioneering applications in the project phase II –
1.    Cloud big data system: improve the efficiency of daily work, having a demonstration effect in the public security industry;
2.    Infrared light mode: a new technology applied for electronic police;
3.    Comprehensive solution for security: a national initiative;
4.    Pedestrian red-light monitoring system: a national leading application, which equips full color information screen to solve the brightness problem and has voice prompt function;
5.    Virtual cloud computing system: for the public security video surveillance system; the first application of this kind in Henan Province;
6.    Starlight level night vision HD camera: improve the effect at night for road surveillance;
7.    Networked and green-wave coordination for intelligent traffic signal control in urban area.

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