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SUPCON Invited to 2015 China City Development Forum

June 26, the second leg of “2015 China City Development Forum” was successfully held in Hangzhou, by the Outlook Weekly of Xinhua News Agency. Wang Yuxin, Vice President of SUPCON Information Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in this event and deliver a speech.

The forum is aimed to provide a platform for experts to discuss together on issues of the smart city construction. It has gathered over 200 experts from related government departments, public institutions and enterprise of the city operation field.

During the forum, Wang shared the experience and achievements of SUPCON in the smart city research and construction works. He expressed his opinion on the current problems in smart city construction, which have been wildly approved by the audience.

He said, firstly, the core content of smart city construction must focus on mechanism design and architecture planning, rather than a technical scheme; secondly, the smart city construction is a ultra system complex engineering project, which requires a highly qualified system integrator to be the main contractor; thirdly, the operation of smart city requires a sophisticated operator to ensure the effect.

The Xinhua News Agency is the state news agency of China. It is the largest news and information gathering and release center in China and fourth largest news agency in the world.

Depend on the worldwide Xinhua branch agencies, Outlook Weekly has its own journalists in all important cities of China and other more than 100 countries and regions including HK, Macaw, etc., being capable of collecting information at the first hand within short period. 

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