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Caprolactam Advanced Control Project Successfully Passed Acceptance
After a series of tests, the caprolactam advanced process control project undertaken by SUPCON successfully passed the acceptance.

This is a smart manufacturing project for Hubei Sanning Chemicals Co., Ltd. Launched in March 2016, the project started on-line closed loop operation same year in July.

After a half-year pilot running, the effect far exceeded the user’s expectations and won unanimous recognition from the user and expert group. The user expressed their wiliness to apply SUPCON APC system throughout the whole plant after the acceptance meeting.

The project has applied an APC (Advanced Process Control) system to largely improve the automation capacity of the equipment and release the workload. The system helps Hubei Sanning solve the continues operation period problem of teaming towers, extending the period to over 3 months from the original 7 or 10 days (among which the No.2 tower lasts over half a year and is still refresh its records), therefore to reduce labor force by 2 staff in each team.

Less consumption and better quality:
Alkalinity: 29.97% ↓
Moisture: 26.75% ↓
Absorbancy: 33.87% ↓
Volatile alkali: 29.97% ↓
Circulation of heavy residual liquid: 12.13% ↓
Steam consumption: 5.01% ↓

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