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SUPCON Showcased Cutting-Edge Technologies at the 2023 Seminar in Indonesia
Towards Future Process Manufacturing through Innovative Technology

October 31, 2023, SUPCON held a seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the theme "Towards Future Process Manufacturing through Innovative Technology." The event brought together more than 60 experts and representatives from renowned Indonesian companies such as PGN, Gagas, ESSA, APP Sinarmas, Chandra Asri, Indorama, Lenzing, DSSP, Nestle, SASA, WIKA, JGC, WIFGAS, spanning various industries. The seminar delved into the latest technological trends in intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation.


The event commenced with an opening speech by Jack Li, President of SUPCON SEA Region. In his address, Mr. Li emphasized the importance of innovation in today's rapidly advancing technological landscape. He pointed out the pivotal role Indonesia plays in the Southeast Asian process industry, and noted Indonesia's active promotion of intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation to enhance production efficiency and reduce costs. "As a leading provider of intelligent manufacturing solutions, SUPCON is committed to establishing close collaborations with Indonesian clients. By offering innovative technologies and customized solutions, SUPCON assists clients in meeting complex market demands, enhancing production efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and achieving sustainable development." Mr. Li highlighted.


Mr. Dee Huang, General Manager of SUPCON Indonesia Office, shared SUPCON's recent progress with attendees. He highlighted SUPCON's transformation from a traditional DCS supplier into a comprehensive provider of process industry solutions, integrating control systems, instruments, industrial software, and new technologies such as 5T, namely PT (Process Technology), ET (Equipment Technology), OT (Operational Technology), AT (Automation Technology), IT (Information Technology), industrial AIoT, and predictive modeling, the recently launched Intelligent Operation Management & Control System (OMC), which has introduced intelligent autonomous operation to dozens of process industry users worldwide, helping clients to optimize costs, reducs labor input, ensurs safe and smooth operations, accumulate extensive experience, and increase asset value.


In the interactive demonstration session titled Empowering Sensor to Boardroom IIoT with supOS Platform + APP, the audience witnessed a vibrant display guided by Mr. Xue Songshou, Product Manager of supOS Platform APPs. Mr. Xue detailed how SUPCON's supOS platform and APP bridge the gap between sensor data and decision-making in the conference room. He showcased the supOS system interface and various functionalities based on SaaS (Software as a Service) environment, demonstrating multiple APP modules developed collaboratively by SUPCON and its ecosystem partners, including intelligent inspections, process dashboards, and production management. 

Focusing on SUPCON's intelligent enterprise framework "PA+BA", the morning session centered on how AI, big data, digital twins, and other advanced technologies at the BA (Business Automation) layer enhance operational efficiency, while the afternoon session highlighted how SUPCON, at the PA (Process Automation) layer, achieves the safe, smooth, efficient, and low-carbon autonomous operation by integrating advanced technologies, processes, equipment, information, and automation, and fostering innovation.


Mr. Zhong Shen, Product Manager of SUPCON Ethernet-APL, delivered an in-depth presentation on Intelligent Operation Management & Control Embedded with APL Technology. SUPCON as a pioneer in APL technology, offers a complete APL solution including power switches, field switches, APL pressure transmitters, APL temperature transmitters, and APL valve positioners, etc.


Mr. Benyamin Wijaya, Country Manager of SUPCON Indonesia, delivered a presentation titled Analyzers Redefining Environmental Impact in Process Manufacturing in Bahasa Indonesia. He eloquently explained the pivotal role played by SUPCON Hobré analytical instruments in reducing the environmental footprint of the process industry, sparking discussions on sustainable practices.


Lastly, through the success story titled Intelligent Manufacturing Makes Excellence, Mr. Victor Wang, Sales Manager of Indonesia Office, shared SUPCON's successful cases in intelligent plant and autonomous operation projects. These examples illustrated how intelligent manufacturing practices enhance operational excellence, inspiring the audience. During the Q&A session, attendees had an engaging discussion of the practical challenges faced in their applications. SUPCON Experts patiently addressed each question with cutting-edge knowledge.

The seminar not only provided attendees with an opportunity to deeply understand the latest technologies but also served as a platform for industry professionals to learn from each other, fostering innovation and development in the field. At SUPCON, innovation is not just a concept but a driving force for our continuous development. We are committed to revolutionizing process manufacturing, challenging the limits of possibilities, and providing robust support for businesses to thrive in the digital age. 

Indonesia is currently undergoing a rapid industrial development. SUPCON will keep exploring innovative pathways, striving to bring the leading technologies, innovative products and solutions to the Indonesian process industry, and jointly advancing towards an intelligent and sustainable future. 

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