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See How SUPCON Empower Digital China at 2018 Computing Conference

Sep 19, 2018 Computing Conference organized by Alibaba Group was opened in Hangzhou.2 main forums and 170 technology summits were held during the next 4 days, presenting a incredible feast of the cutting-edge technologies around cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT, block chain, intelligent chip, etc. Over 60,000 people from 83 countries and regions around the world attended.


As a comprehensive application of multiply advanced technologies, Smart City Brain was one of the highlight. Being one of the initial developers of Hangzhou Brain, SUPCON attended the round table discussion of facilitating the digitization of city together with Alibaba and the other representatives.

“...Since the smart city traffic system was launched, the urban traffic data from 1,300 traffic lights and 4,500 road cameras have been integrated to Hangzhou Brain, and helped to significantly relieve traffic jam based on big data analysis. Hangzhou traffic congestion ranking among Chinese cities dropped from 3rd to 57th.”


“Besides traffic, the city brain can benefit citizens from many aspects, which calls for multiple traditional industries’s efforts with cloud computing, big data, AI technology infused. Only in this way a healthy neural network for the city brain can be built.”Mr Xu Zhenhui, GM of SUPCON Smart Traffic Solution Department stressed the significance of contributing to build the smart city brain ecosystem during the discussion.



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