SUPCON Facilitates the Revamping of CNPC Jilin Petrochemical Plant

The DCS revamping project of Jilin Petrochemical Plant’s 274,000t/a LLDPE unit and 110t/h oil boiler successfully went into operation.


Jilin Petrochemical Plant, as a subsidiary of CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation),is China’s first petrochemical product manufacturing base who is producing around 660,000 tons of chemical products in 46 categories every year. The original DCS of the LLDPE unit had run for 22 years.


According to the client’s project acceptance report, after replacing the DCS to SUPCON Webfield ECS-700, the network communication efficiency and security was highly enhanced; maintenance was remarkably simplified with the configuration optimized. The instruments management was more accessible with AMS (Assets Management System) integrated. The HMI balanced comprehensive upgrading with retaining the user’s habit to the fullest extent. SUPCON’s advanced control solution and reliable engineering implementation capability have won great recognition. The end user showed confidence for further cooperation in the following revamping projects.


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