SUPCON Wins Automation Contract of Yancon Group Large Scale Coal Chemical Project

October, SUPCON won the automation contract of the 400,000t/a ethanediol and 300,000t/a DMMn Project of Yancon Group Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd.


This project is part of a circular economy demonstration project with the estimated total capacity of 5Mt/a methanol and other down-stream fine chemical products. This project - with the capacity of 900,000t/a methanol, 400,000t/a ethanediol and 300,000t/a DMMn - adopts 3x4000t/d coal slurry gasifier (with the world’s largest single furnace coal feeding volume), 2×380t/h high pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler and 2x92,000Nm3/h air separation unit. The I/O point surpasses 37,000. SUPCON is to supply DCS, SIS, CCS and total plant information integration platform and security solution, and help to build a safe, green and advanced coal chemical industrial park.



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