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Leading Quality Revolution with AI: Launch of SUPCON’s Q-Lab

On April 25th, SUPCON launched its groundbreaking Intelligent Quality Monitoring Platform (Q-Lab) at Intelligent Refining Forum of the 2024 China Petroleum and Petrochemical Enterprise Information Technology Exchange Conference. This platform empowers digital transformation in the process industry, elevates the creative value of data, and optimizes close-loop quality control.


Recently, the industrial digital transformation has entered a data-driven era. SUPCON is actively transforming into an industrial AI company, leveraging its AI expertise and aggregating vast industrial data. It is developing a core product system, centered on "4 Databases and 1 Intelligent Engine," including Q-Lab, to empower enterprises in establishing a unified quality database.


Q-Lab stands out with three key highlights: comprehensive data aggregation, precise data analysis, and AI-integrated intelligence. Its AI capabilities facilitate intelligent production monitoring, quality prediction and optimization, as well as root cause analysis, enhancing quality management across the enterprise's entire production and operation process.

Comprehensive Data Aggregation

Leveraging advanced AT, IT, and AI technologies, Q-Lab efficiently gathers and aggregates quality data throughout production process and across various scenarios, establishing a comprehensive quality data model library to provide a robust data foundation for quality analysis.


Precise Data Analysis

Based on an industrial big data analytics model, Q-Lab explores the inherent logic of quality data to unleash its underlying value. Precise analysis allows enterprises to identify root causes of quality issues and key influencing factors, providing strong support for quality decision-making and improvement.


AI-integrated Intelligence

Q-Lab integrates AI with quality data to enable anomaly detection, process data correlation analysis, and product quality prediction and early warning. Real-time AI monitoring and analysis identify subtle changes, timely flag potential issues, predict anomalies, and enhance quality inspection efficiency, reducing quality costs for enterprises.


Q-Lab has achieved successful deployment across various industrial scenarios, including smart water quality, chromatography, and toxicology labs, along with resin production quality prediction, thereby significantly optimizing product quality for enterprises.

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