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SUPCON Wins National Quality Benchmark Award 2023

December 2, The China Association for Quality hosted the Annual Conference and National Quality Benchmark Experience Exchange event, bringing together hundreds of quality experts from various administration departments, industrial associations and enterprises of different sectors. Representatives from 11 outstanding enterprises recognized as the 2023 National Quality Benchmark shared experiences. SUPCON Quality Operations Department Manager, Xie Lijun delivered a speech "5GAP Model-based Five-Domain Five-Force Quality Management".


SUPCON 5GAP Model-based Five-Domain Five-Force Quality Management Model comprises four management domains: demand, R&D design, production and delivery & services, and optimizes four modules: process architecture, organizational structure, measurement structure and intelligent resources. It follows a problem-oriented continuous improvement involves addressing and resolving five critical gaps hindering the company's ability to meet customer needs:

  • GAP1: Understanding Customer Expectations

Closes the gap between customer expectations and the company's perception of those expectations.

  • GAP2: Transforming Perception into Solutions

Closes the gap between the company's perception of customer expectations and the implementation of effective solutions.

  • GAP3: Aligning Solutions with Service and Product Delivery

Closes the gap between the developed solutions and the delivery of services and products.

  • GAP4: Ensuring Customer Access to Products and Services

Closes the gap between the customer's perceived demand and their accessibility to the offered products and services.

  • GAP5: Achieving Global Customer Satisfaction

Closes the gap between localized customer satisfaction and the overarching global customer satisfaction.

By systematically addressing each gap, we ensure a comprehensive and efficient process that aligns with customer expectations with high efficiency and agility.

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