Xinjiang Tianye Group Informationization Consulting Project Passed Acceptance
After a series of reviews by experts from Xinjiang Tianye Group, the enterprise informationization consulting project undertaken by SUPCON successfully passed acceptance.

The project started in August 2016 under the guide of "Made in China 2025", planning to make collaborative development of the Xinjiang Tianye’s 9 major businesses and enhance the company’s circular economy industrial chain. It has made an overall information construction plan for Xinjiang Tianye next 5 years’ group control, smart factory, and intelligent agriculture based on data and standard analysis, best practices, applications and software uses.

The experts commended that “the project is significantly prospective, advanced and applicable”.

Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd is a large diversified business company in China. Its business cover plastics, water-saving equipment, chemicals, calcium carbide, foodstuff, thermal electricity, mining, building materials, foreign trade, real estate and so on, with product capacity of 1,400,000t/a PVC, 1,000,000t/a ionic membrane caustic soda, 2,450,000t/a calcium carbide, 4,000,000t/a new dry process calcium carbide slag cement, etc.

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