SUPCON to implement Indorama PET Plant Automation Project in Thailand

Jan,2019, the project kick-off meeting of Indorama PET plant project was held. SUPCON engineering team introduced the implementation procedure and began to study the existing DCS system of the CP unit, which has been in operation for decades and desperate for a revitalization.


Indorama is a global leader in PET polyners and fibers, that is each 1 in 2 premium baby diaper is made from their fiber; each 1 in 4 PET bottles is made from their PET resin. The existing 200,000t/a CP unit and the new 2000,000t/a SSP unit of the PET Plant in Thailand will adopt SUPCON self developed DCS - Webfield ECS-700 and PLC - GCS G3.


As China’s leading automation supplier especially in chemical industry, SUPCON is confident and committed to offering the mature and advanced automation solution and products to support the client’s technology innovation and business evolution.
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