To Build a Learning Organization - SUPCON College is Established

Jun 6, SUPCON College Establishment Ceremony was held at SUPCON Park. Mr. Zhang Quanling, Executive Dean of SUPCON College hosted the ceremony and invited Professor Chu Jian, Founder of SUPCON, Mr. Cui Shan, CEO of SUPCON to unveil the college plaque.



The ceremony commenced a series open courses. Professor Wu Xiaobo and Professor Wu Fei from Zhejiang University, gave the first open courses on organization management and AI technology respectively.


Professor Wu Xiaobo delivered a lecture entitled From Chasing to Surpassing Chasing, “New economy form shaped by the hi-tech revolution has brought both threats and opportunities, showing nonlinear dynamic change pattern. The key to adapting to change and seizing success is to forget what you’ve learned; to surpass rather than chasing.”



In the lecture AI Changing World, Professor Wu Fei enumerated the milestones of the development of AI, explained the technology in an understandable way with the examples of Alpha Go and Da Vinci Surgical System, etc.



Building a learning organization is not a new concept. Learning on a job is the most traditional way; SUPCON online learning platform has also shared various expertise. Now SUPCON College is built to facilitate more extensive exchanges among more people and promote deeper exploration of knowledge for the future. It will offer an accessible communication platform and also comprehensive courses from economics, management, social science to cutting edge technology.



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