SUPCON Accomplishes the 80,000 t/a Sulfur Recovery Project of SINOPEC Qilu Company

Dec 7, 2018 SUPCON passed the APC (Advanced Process Control) project acceptance test of SINOPEC Qilu Company for the 80,000 t/a sulfur recovery project.

The SUPCON APC Suite was applied in the sulfur recovery unit and went into commissioning on Oct, 2017. After put into use, it not only reduced the labor intensity of operators, but also improved the equipment performance stability - the standard deviation of the main variables was reduced by more than 30%, realizing consumption reduction of the processes. Especially, SO2 emissions of sulfur recovery units decreased by 5%, fuel gas consumption of the device decreased by 4.28KgEO/t, and the hydrogen content in the purifying tail gas was reduced by 0.51%.

“It turned out that the operation effect is remarkable after comprehensive review by the expert group. All the technical indicators meet the contract requirements. The project documents are standard and complete. All agree to pass the acceptance.” declared by the expert review group leader of SINOPEC Qilu Company. 

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