SUPCON Wins Again a Hangzhou Metro Line Project

Dec 29, SUPCON successfully won the communication equipment procurement project for Hangzhou Metro Line 2 (phase II). Earlier in September, SUPCON had already won the integrated supervision control system project for this line.

Under the terms of the contract, SUPCON will be in charge of the supply and related services of communication equipment, including communication transmission, wireless, video surveillance, computer networks, video conference, power supply system, etc.

Hangzhou Metro Line 2 (Phase II) is one of the provincial key construction projects with total investment of about $1.2 billion USD. With a length of 11.281km, the phase II will be built entirely underground with 9 stations, 1 vehicle depot, and 1 main transformer station. Once finished, the metro can greatly help to improve the service level and mitigate the pressure of the city transportation.

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