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SUPCON was invited to participate in Automation Expo 2023 in India
SUPCON was invited to participate in Automation Expo 2023 in India

SUPCON is ecstatic to announce the positive reception and recognition we received at the recent Automation Expo 2023 in India. Held between August 23rd to 26th at BEC, Mumbai, this expo stands as one of the paramount platforms for industry leaders in automation to demonstrate their innovations in India. Our stall at the Automation Expo 2023 was an embodiment of our passion, dedication, and technological prowess. A parade of dignitaries and renowned industry experts from eminent corporations like M/s Adani Petro Chemicals, Reliance Industries, NCPIL, Thyssenkrupp, and JSW graced our stall, and the appreciation we received from them was truly heartwarming.


SUPCON's objective has always been to propel the future of automation technology, and we brought the latest technology to the industry from hardware products to digital transformation solution, such as  intelligent Operation Management & Control system (OMC), APL & SmartEIO, Hobré Analyzer, PLC & SCADAinstrumentation, and also digital operation solution. Our team was actively demonstrating the products, articulating their benefits, and highlighting their potential applications in various industries.

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Perhaps the crowning moment of our participation was when we were conferred the award for the Best Exhibitor under the Gold category. Among a bustling crowd and approximately 150 stalls, this recognition was not just a recognition to our innovative products but also a validation of our team's unwavering dedication, teamwork, and expertise.


The accolades we received during the event are motivating, but they also come with the responsibility to maintain and elevate the standards we've set. Our team returned from the expo with not just awards and recognition but also with feedback, inquiries, and potential collaborations, all of which will be helpful in shaping our future endeavors.

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The insightful conversations, the exchange of ideas, and the shared enthusiasm for the future of automation were truly the highlights of our time at the expo. We deeply value the connections we made and are enthusiastic about the prospect of joining hands and venturing into new horizons together. 

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