Improving the Efficiency and Productivity for the Power Generation with Innovative Solution
SUPCON Do More to Energize the Power Generation
With the advent of the new era of science and technology, renewable energy, environmental regulations, less efficiency equipment, these are all making power generation producer facing with many new challenges.

At present, SUPCON has assisted 4300+ power producer around the world to solve their problems in power generation.

At the same time, SUPCON is still summarizing and improving automation solutions according to the characteristics and development trend of the power industry, so as to create more value for customers.
Full Functional Integrated Control for Power Generation
Challenges from new energy
Due to the rapid growth of power generation using new energy, issues of low and fluctuated power generation load are now faced by the large-scale thermal power generation industry, intelligent application has become an increasingly urgent need in thermal power plants. SUPCON can provide intelligent DCS control system, optimized control system, intelligent monitoring and counting system, production management system, cybersecurity products, etc., thereby helping power plants to improve the level of automation and reduce power generation costs.
Integrated solution for Power
SUPCON has fully realized the power plant full functional integrated control, which can provide customers with a full series of key control and interlocking protection technologies including DAS, MCS, SCS, FSSS, ECS, DEH, MEH, ETS, auxiliary control system (BOP).Forming from the boiler control to the turbine generator set control of the whole plant integration solution and perfect control product system.
Make the plant more intelligent
At the same time, SUPCON can provide production management platforms, such as factory monitoring management system, operator simulation system, and professional value-added platform, such as equipment management system (SAMS), boiler optimization system (APC), PID performance evaluation software, mobile phone monitoring software(Simfield), remote fault diagnosis and maintenance system (RDMS), intelligent alarm management system, intelligent patrol inspection, equipment instrumentation and field bus system, etc.
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