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Loop Performance Management System
In the process of industrial production, PID control strategy has been widely used. Most process control algorithms are developed with PID as the core algorithm. The performance of control loop is directly effect the operation of production. We found that at least more than half of the PID control loops have performance defects in the actual production application.
Therefore, SUPCON launched the health management and optimization control solution of the PID loop to provide guarantee for the continuous, efficient and healthy operation of the production control loops, supPID includs the below function: Proactively maintain loop status, PID operation advice, Improve the efficiency of parameter setting.
Features Overview
PID parameter optimization
PID parameter optimization
Support online/offline parameter setting mode, use the process data obtained from the test to establish the controlled object model, and then optimize the PID controller parameters.
Online performance evaluation
Online performance evaluation
Based on the stored historical data (the data period is no less than 2 hours and the collection period is 5 seconds), the PID loop performance is automatically evaluated online and the evaluation results are displayed.
 Data acquisition and storage
Data acquisition and storage
For software products using OPC communication mode, we collect real-time operation data of PID control loop in DCS system through OPC communication interface of mainstream DCS system.
Loop configuration
Loop configuration
Integrated installation package and wizard configuration software assist engineers to complete software installation and deployment and PID loop configuration within 15 minutes.
Your Benefits
Intelligent control optimization platform
The platform provides customers with a variety of advanced control strategies to solve the problems in the loop control process, while using the upper computer software to realize the control write value without affecting the configuration and load of the control system.
Optimization of PID parameters
Provide customers with industry experts experience parameter database, help the newly started production units with quickly parameter setting, which also make parameter tuning safe and efficient through interactive iterative software optimization of PID parameters.
Offline setting of PID parameter
Based on the process data that has been generated, the effective data segment is automatically identified and selected to set and optimize the PID parameters which makes the parameter setting being safely and intelligently.
Intelligent diagnostic analysis
Intelligent diagnosis results and loop operation & maintenance suggestions are given for loop controller parameters, loop coupling and other typical problems to reduce unnecessary shutdown and maintenance.
Control performance evaluation
Batch evaluation of loop control performance, generate professional analysis reports, assist engineers to achieve batch management of control loop and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.
Loop Real-time monitoring
Real-time monitoring and statistical analysis of the performance of the control loop which can help managers understand the operation of the control loop and realize the fine management of the control loop.
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