Co-build Win-win Industrial Ecosystem - SUPCON Thinking

Mar 16, 2018 CAIMRS (China Automation & Intelligence Market Research Seminar) is held in Wanda Wenhua Hotel in Beijing. Professor Chu Jian, the founder of SUPCON group was invited as a guest speaker.


CAIMRS is one of the most reputed annual summit in China automation & intelligent manufacturing field. Other representatives from the industry leaders were also invited to attend the event, including Mr. Gu Jiandang, President of Phoenix China, Mr. Bob Buttermore, President of Rockwell Greater China, Mr. Liu Qianjin, Chief Technology Officer of ABB China, etc.




Professor Chu in his speech elaborated how cooperation could fuel the future of automation and how SUPCON would act.


“In the last quarter of a century, SUPCON provided products and solutions for thousands of customers from various industries, which built a solid foundation for us to play a more significant role.”, said Professor Chu, “In the future, SUPCON will still focus on creating values for customers, but also creating values for more industrial users. We will strengthen strategy cooperation with upstream and downstream partners, and build more demonstration projects. We will accelerate developing intelligent industry APP, and improve the developer community, so as to build an open ecosystem for all industrial users.”


Only win-win attitude and open mind can lubricate cooperation and solve problems. This is what Professor Chu convey, and also what the industry need.


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