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Melamine Revamping Project Passed FAT
November 6-14, experts and leaders from Henan Zhongyuan Dahua Group visited SUPCON for the FAT of melamine revamping project. After a series of tests, the experts were satisfied with the result.

The original system used in the project was Honeywell TPS system, while after years of use, a new system is urgently needed for the plant. As a leading and trustworthy provider for process automation, SUPCON was invited to bid and finally won this project with its Webfield ECS-700 DCS system.

With limited project time and incomplete original documents, SUPCON project team work closely with the user and eventually accomplished the required functions.

Henan Zhongyuan Dahua Group is one of China’s super large energy and chemical industry group ranking No. 364 in the 2015 Fortune 500. It uses the world’s industry-leading production and processing technology in its melamine foam production projects, and the products are widely used in conditions like “Tiangong-2” space laboratory, which has high demand for fire prevention, sound absorption, heat insulation, temperature resistance, mold resistance, environmental protection, etc.

Melamine Revamping Project Passed FAT
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