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SUPCON Wins Project for World Level Hydropower Station
SUPCON announced that it has successfully won the tunnel monitoring system for Jinping Hydropower Station.

Jinping Hydropower Station has the world’s highest dam ever built, under construction or in design. Consisting of its phase I and phase II development, it has a gross installed capacity of 8 million kilowatt and created 20 world first records and 20 domestic first record in China.

In order to give more specific solution to this project, SUPCON project team made field investigations for 3 times before the bidding, and held consulting meetings, in which its perfect implementation plan and professional service spirit were highly recognized by the user.

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World’s highest dam -
Jinping No.1 Hydropower Station’s 305m-high double curvature concrete arch dam is the world’s highest dam. The project has a total installed capacity of 3,600MW (6×600MW), which gives an average output of 1,659MW in the dry season and a multi-year average annual generation of 16.62TWh.

World's highest water head -
The water head (highest water level elevation to the generator) of Jinping No.2 Hydropower Station reaches to 310m, is the world’s highest water head. The No.2 station is designed to cut the 150km river bend by a group of power tunnels to use the natural drop created by the bend.

World’s longest and largest hydraulic tunnels -
The 4 power tunnels of the station have an average length of 16.6km and an excavated diameter of 13m, which are among the world’s longest and largest hydraulic tunnels.

Total construction period of the project is 8 years and 3 months, and its total static investment is USD $3.8 billion, while the total dynamic investment is USD $4.5 billion.

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