SUPCON Participates in 2018 Pakistan Trade and Investment Conference

Nov 5, 2018 Pakistan Trade and Investment Conference organized by Pakistan Ministry of Commerce was opened in Shanghai. More than 300 officials and entrepreneurs attended the meeting, including Mr. Imran Khan, Pakistani prime minister,Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi , Pakistan Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs.In the keynote speech, Mr Imran Khan expressed determination to build a fair and transparent business environment for all Chinese enterprises operating in Pakistan.

The all-weather friendship between Pakistan and China is as solid as iron and transcends the changes of time. As the Iron Brother of Pakistan, SUPCON has been endeavoring to support local customers to improve automation level and operation efficiency since 2006. 


As a leading process automation supplier in China, SUPCON‘s comprehensive automation capability, covering product, solution and service, has been proved by many projects in various industries in Pakistan, including chemical, power, cement, sugar, pulp & paper, etc. Meanwhile SUPCON keeps transferring automation expertise and experience to Pakistani customers. In 2007, SUPCON built the SUPCON-UET Automation Lab at University of Engineering and Technology (UET) to offer better research and training environment for technicians, meanwhile facilitating the education of young automation talents.


Under a long-term commitment to local industry, SUPCON remains steadfast to be a reliable business partner creating value for clients with advanced technology and life-cycle service, and also a responsible corporate citizen making meaningful contributions to local development. 

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